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New metrology products from Starrett... 

MVR & AVR 3 Axis  - for rapid automated processing of parts

HDV500  - shadowgraph meets video metrology in one system

L1 Force Measurement - lightweight plug & play style - speed and affordablity




The AVR is controlled by the powerful MetLogix software system, but is CNC controlled, allowing for rapid, automated processing of parts with comparison to their CAD programming.
It is ideal for use in the measurement of CNC machined parts, quality assurance and inspection labs, as well as manufacturing, assembly and research facilities. See a video of how it works here


The MVR is a video metrology system with a smooth moving manual stage allowing X,Y and Z travel allowing 3 axis measurement. With powerful MetLogix M3 software, this allows sophisticated measurement and reporting on complex components. Take a look at it here

New from starrett, the HDV offers the best features of a large horizontal shadowgraph combined with the technology of a vision metrology system, allowing you to quickly and accurately measure parts in production or quality control processes against programmed specifications and "go-no-go" digital overlays. To see a video of it in action, click here



L1 Force Measurement System
Providing you with a portable load cell, the L1 Force Testing System is simply fitted into a force frame and plugged in to the L1 software to setup. It is not only easy to operate and maintain, it also comes at a very competitive price, click here



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