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MarShaft Scope 250 - rapid, precision measurement of round and rotationally symmetrical parts

Cleanalyzer – cleanliness analysis system

L1 Force Measurement - lightweight plug & play style - speed and affordability

MarShaft Scope 250

CNC, Turned, Milled and Ground shafts can all be rapidly measured, overcoming traditional difficulties in measuring round parts.It enables fast, precise and fully automatic measurement of rotationally symmetrical workpieces in production, cutting time invested in the measuring process and reducing waste. Click here for more information.


The Cleanalyzer is a high-end analytical system designed to examine particles on filters – a key procedure in performing reliable and reproducible evaluation of component cleanliness.

Precision mechanical parts machined to exact tolerances are susceptible to damage or malfunction caused by particulate contamination. To address this issue, a metrology instrument is needed to measure and quantify component cleanliness in order to guarantee full function and to avoid failures due to particulate damage. For more details on the system click here.



L1 Force Measurement System

Providing you with a portable load cell, the L1 Force Testing System is simply fitted into a force frame and plugged into the L1 software to setup. It is not only easy to operate and maintain, it also comes at a very competitive price. Click here for more information.






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