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Welcome to Optimax, the home of Optical Inspection and Non-Contact Measuring equipment. True specialists in our field, we are passionate about our contribution to industry. Please don't hesitate to contact us, to discuss your inspection or metrology requirements in more detail. From a simple bench magnifier to fully automated metrology equipment, our advice will always be: technical, solution based, independent and friendly 

Spring Offer: Starrett HE400 Profile Projector with Optivu Synergy package

For rapid measurement of complex or freeform geometries with optical profiling.


We are delighted to launch our brand new Optivu Synergy with a spring offer. Combined with the leading-edge Starrett HE400 Profile Projector we are offering a total package price of £9,295.00.*



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The digitization of manufacturing and the Internet of Things – is metrology ready for the next industrial revolution?

The digitization of manufacturing is seen to herald a new industrial age, industry 4.0. A manufacturing phase of unparalleled connectivity and digitisation, industry 4.0 was actually devised as a strategic initiative by the German Government in 2011. Since then, the term has come to define what is seen as a global shift in manufacturing practices. […]


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TECHDAYS 15-17 JUNE 2021 Bruker Alicona


A virtual event featuring trends, challenges and visions

17 lectures by 21 international speakers from Germany, UK, US, Switzerland, Austria, France – this is the setting of Bruker Aliconas first TechDays, June 15th – 17th. In 3 days, this virtual event offers a versatile spectrum of topics by international speakers who discuss trends, challenges and visions in manufacturing and metrology.


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METROLOGY MEETS PRODUCTION - Alicona TechDays virtual event 15-17 June - see News.....
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