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 Optical Inspection and Non Contact Metrology

Welcome to Optimax, the home of Optical Inspection and Non-Contact Measuring equipment. True specialists in our field, we are passionate about our contribution to industry. Please don't hesitate to contact us, to discuss your inspection or metrology requirements in more detail. From a simple bench magnifier to fully automated metrology equipment, our advice will always be: technical, solution based, independent and friendly 

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The digitization of manufacturing and the Internet of Things – is metrology ready for the next industrial revolution?

The digitization of manufacturing is seen to herald a new industrial age, industry 4.0. A manufacturing phase of unparalleled connectivity and digitisation, industry 4.0 was actually devised as a strategic initiative by the German Government in 2011. Since then, the term has come to define what is seen as a global shift in manufacturing practices. […]


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Automate your metrology and reduce costs

With an estimated shortfall of 85 million workers world-wide and an ever-increasing pressure on the 'bottom line' means that the demand for automation in visual inspection and metrology is accelerating. Here at Optimax we have seen an increase in interest in our automation portfolio as customers are looking to streamline their processes.

The Cobot can automate an extensive range of inspection tasks reducing the need for human intervention and improving productivity. It can be used both in-line and as a standalone automation tool.


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