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Wide range of non-electronic micrometers, prices start from £31.81

Starrett Non-Electronic Micrometers

224 Series Interchangeable Anvil Micrometers- 

This versatile outside micrometer comes with with a series of interchangeable anvils which cover ranges from 0-600mm in steps of 25mm. Sets are available covering a wide set of ranges. The resolution of the micrometers is 0.1mm across the series.


436 & V436 Series Outside Micrometers-

Unlike the 224 series, these micrometers do not have rods that can be changed, instead they cover ranges from 0-150mm in steps of 25mm. Furthermore, every micrometer in this range comes with a rugged tungsten carbide measuring face. The 436 series have a resolution of 0.1mm, the v436 series have a resolution of 0.001mm.


436 Series Outside Micrometer Sets With Standards-

A complete set of the 436 series micrometers covering a range of 0-150mm in 25mm steps. All sets come with attractive, protective cases which keep micrometers and setting standards together, and readily accessible.


124 Series Solid Rod Inside Micrometer Sets-

124 series are the most popular solid rod inside micrometer sets because of their lightness, ease of use, and range. The diameter of the anvils on the 124 series are smaller than those on the 823 series and so these inside micrometers are able to get into places the 823s can not.


823 Series Tubular Inside Micrometer Sets-

The 823 micrometer is a highly useful tool for internal linear measurements such as measuring cylinders, rings, setting calipers, comparing gauges and measuring parallel surfaces. The 823 series come in slightly ranges than the 124 series for those who wish to measure larger diameters.


4449M Series Micrometer Depth Gauges with Non-Rotating Blades-

In operation, blade does not turn, but moves perpendicularly only, permitting depth measurement of narrow shoulders without the blade rolling off, massively increasing the ease with which measurements can be made. This is also ideal for slots and recesses as narrow as 1.2mm.

45M Series Depth Micrometers-

Precision depth micrometers used to measure the depths of holes, slots, shoulders and projections to 0.01mm.



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