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3D Surface characterisation > Alicona InfiniteFocus SL - Allows for complete 3D surface analysis providing high-resolution measurement for both form and roughness.

Alicona InfiniteFocus SL

Typical applications for the InfiniteFocus SL

We could produce a list of applications, which would go on, pretty well forever, however, the IFM generally excels when the requirement is to capture both true colour 3D data from the surface, coupled to full measurement analysis. The system is related to systems such as confocal microscopes, interferometers etc. in that it is a non-contact optical metrology system, but that is where the similarities end. Confocal and Interferometric Systems are extremely powerful 3D imaging and surface characterisation systems. However as with all instruments they have there strengtha and weaknesses. For example they are not the best solution when the surface or structure being analysed has: High aspect ratio features i.e. deep narrow troughs or valleys Surfaces of varying reflectivity i.e. different materials Features with very steep walls or drop offs. In contrast to this the IFM  loves surfaces with a high aspect ratio and will quite happily image near vertical walls and highly reflective surfaces. When you want to see the true colour of your sample - with these systems the image is always in monochromatic or pseudo colour, thus oxidisation, burns and discolouration are not immediately obvious. With regard to AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy), this can be somewhat of an overkill. Such high resolution is only required for a small number of samples and the technique is relatively speaking very slow. So in brief the IFM is superb at the following: Measurement of steep-sided flanks Registered true color clear evenly illuminated images Both rough and smooth surfaces 2D and 3D measurements down to as little as 10nm Relatively large sampling areas Key Applications: Tool & mold making Cutting tools and inserts Electronics Pharma industries Medical device Automotive and autosport industries Aerospace Automatic inspection of welding spots during production 3D Analysis in tribology Direct surface measurement in paper industry Materials Science & Failure Analysis And many, many, more - send your samples in and we will image them for you and upload the results for you to view online.

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