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Optical 2 axis > Hawk 5000VED - High accuracy automated and semi automated measuring microscope suited to batch and higher volume applications

Hawk 5000VED

Typical applications for Hawk measuring microscope

We feel that Hawk 5000VED really sets the bench mark for an easy to use, good quality and accurate, robust, measuring microscope. We also like the flexiblity of Hawk, which easily allows either the initial system to be configured, but more importantly, once purchased, Hawk can always be upgraded and enhanced, growing with your changing requiremnts.

With magnification between x10 - 1000x available and software to suit all applications, its a good choice. Don't feel that you are restricted from the digital world, when looking at a Hawk, in fact you get the best of both worlds - superb optical images for measurement, then add digital cameras for image capture, or video for group viewing. It's also excellent for deep bores and the more challenging reflective or dark contrast samples. Or just samples comprising a wide range of reflective properties - real life in other words.

Hawk VED offers automated and semi automated measuring, suited to batch and higher volume applications. Excellent optical performance, matched with durablity and ease of operation, make this a great choice.

Suited to the lab or shop floor and to a vast range of industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Areoengine
  • Electronics
  • Plastic moulding
  • Dye cast components
  • Precision engineering
  • Stamped metal parts
  • Glass
  • Automotive
  • Autosport
  • Medical device


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