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Load capcities of 10kN, 30kN and 50kN, ideal for high-volume, repetative testing applications

Starrett FMD10,000 - FMD50,000 Force Measurement

Turnkey system solutions for materials testing, force analysis and force measurement

The Starrett FMD10,000 - FMD50,000 are bench-top, dual column testing systems with load capacities of 10,000N, 30,000N and 50,000N. Ideal for high-volume, repetitive testing applications, these measuring instruments can be effectively used for shear, creep, tensile, compressive, cyclic, flexural and other common force measurement methods.

This measuring machine opperates with the L2 Force Measure software;

S2 Spring Test Software - entry level for basic force measurement ideal for lean manufacturing environments. 

L2 Plus Force Analysis Software - designed for advanced force measurement and analysis and optimised for quality and engineering personnel.

The S2 and S2+ System are superb for precisely testing springs to determine spring rates, spring constants, spring lengths and other spring characteristics. 

Key Features

  • Large platform
  • Granite base and extruded aluminium columns for exceptional stability
  • Interchangeable load sensors accurate to +/-0.05% Full Scale
  • User adjustable corrections for linear error and deflection compensation
  • High resolution colour touchscreen display
  • Export using USB and interface to wireless devices using Bluetooth

    Single column frames are also available in 500N, 1000N, 2500N and 5000N load capacities.

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