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Infinite Focus - Key Applications

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InfiniteFocus in tool- and mold making

In all tool making processes the reliable form- and geometry measurement of highly reflective components is a crucial demand. InfiniteFocus; allows complex details such as steep flanks, cutting angles and cutting edge radii to be quickly and reliably measured irrespective of reflectivity. Even over large areas with a high vertical and lateral scanning range or complex geometries such as circularly milled components and tool-tips, InfiniteFocus yields robust surface measurement. Also, due to the use of an additional rotation system parameters such as circular spacing and release angle or other production relevant parameters in milling and drilling processes are measured.

Automatic inspection of welding spots during production

In welding processes, the optical 3D measurement device InfiniteFocus is used to automatically measure and classify welding spots and solerding joints during production. The inline surface inspection is performed in seconds and saves costly rework. A 100% inspection and automatic classification with go/no go status is achieved through robust surface measurement. This can be achieved across the geometry of the whole spot including steep flanks, complex reflection properties and scale caused by burning. To define go/no go parameters such as irregularities due to scaling, topography is measured including the fully registered 3D color information of the welding spots’ topography. This unique combination of robust topographical data and true color information provides the go/no go data for weld classification plus advanced metrology information. This detailed information provides advanced quality assurance as scaled patches are easily identified, quantified and measured. InfiniteFocus is also used for the 3D measurement of pins and pads.

3D Analysis in tribology

The understanding of tribological processes such as friction and wear analysis is essential for the optimisation of many mechanical processes. In contrast to conventional methods, which are based on the analysis of 2D data, InfiniteFocus provides numerical quantification and detailed 3D surface characterization. In e.g. wear analysis, the optical system allows easy and reliable abrasion measurement of thin coat. Depth, thickness of the coat as well as the true wear-volume of artificially produced crates are measured. Corroded surfaces can be studied through volumetric material oxidation rate determination.

Direct surface measurement in paper industry

The papers’ topography is one of the most important parameters and a deciding factor in terms of printability. As it is with surface parameters such as height and depth, the smoothness of the paper is decisive for a high quality print image. Conventional measurement techniques such as PPS or Bendtsen are indirect methods without any numerical information about the real surface state. InfiniteFocus is not only a direct surface measurement tool, but it also captures the entire surface topographic information registered with its true color information. So, direct correlation to its printability is provided. Various applications such as studies of poor print images showing e.g. Missing Dots or the evaluation of processes to increase smoothness are easily performed.

Quality assurance in medical device development

InfiniteFocus provides unique solutions to various medical device applications. In pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing the optical system is utilized to inspect tablet surface deviation and counterfeit surface registrations with its full 3D surface scanning capability.
The flexibility and wide range of measurable surfaces also make InfiniteFocus to a valuable quality assurance tool in medical device manufacturing. In dental medicine, the system is used for roughness measurement and to verify the geometry of implants. Also, tooth wear analysis and advanced measurement performances to optimise various drilling and laser ablating processes are realized. In stent production, InfiniteFocus is used to measure critical geometrical dimensions as well as the roughness of the blastered surface.

Materials Science & Failure Analysis

Conventional microscopy inspects the surface optically with light microscopes and is limited by the microscope’s depth of focus. Quantitative surface information must be obtained by a separate 2D or 3D surface analysis instrument. Since specimens in material development often contain fractured surfaces with steep flanks or rough surface topography, InfiniteFocus offers a unique solution to document the entire surface. The analysis of the optical appearance of the surface coupled with the topographic data is directly correlated to the reconstructed 3D color image. Fatigue fracture analysis and material deformation at ductile fracture zones can be easily quantified through volumetric, area, or profile measurements directly on the true color image.

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