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Infinite Focus - Benefits

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Measurement of steep-sided flanks

Surfaces often contain steep flanks and vertical edges. These structures are difficult to measure using conventional optical methods. InfiniteFocus allows dense and robust measurements exceeding 80°. Features several millimeters deep are robustly and traceably captured. Measurement results can be reproduced with a vertical resolution of up to 10nm. This turns InfiniteFocus into an essential measurement tool to quantify parameters of surfaces.

Registered true color information

InfiniteFocus is the only 3D measurement instrument that simultaneously captures the entire surface topographic information in combination with its true color information. Both the topographic and color information are registered to the 3D data file. 3D measurements can be performed directly on the optical color image. This visual link between the surface and its 3D information make measurements far more precise and flexible. The straightforward user interface assures high-accuracy surface measurements including profile, area, and volumetric computations.

Rough surfaces

Rough surfaces or complex form geometries are challenging for tactile and conventional optical instruments. Tactile methods can produce errors caused by the tip radius of the stylus which can cause mechanical misrepresentation of the true surface. The complex reflective properties of extremely sculptured surfaces can be extremely difficult to resolve and capture with conventional optical systems. This type of surface can be easily quantified with InfiniteFocus enabling the accurate measurement of Ra, Rq and Rz including bearing ratio curve. Measurement of roughness, waviness and contour all conform to recognized to international ISO standards.

Reflective geometries

Different surface compositions and strong topographies produce strong reflections, interreflections, and under-reflected properties. Due to the robust Focus-Variation technology, InfiniteFocus effectively captures spectral variation between over-illuminated and under-illuminated surfaces in a radiometrically-balanced image. Results are well exposed in all specular areas and also contain accurate topographic data sets. These capabilities are not remotely conceivable with conventional optical devices that typically must capture images with either too low or too high exposure settings.

High vertical resolution dynamic

Using conventional optical measurement techniques a high vertical resolution can only be reached with a small vertical scanning range. The robust SmartFlash - technology of InfiniteFocus allows a yet unknown vertical resolution dynamic and provides a high resolution even at a scanning range of several millimetres. With InfiniteFocus a dynamic of up to 1:400000 is easily reachable, which is an essential requirement to realize robust and dense measurements of relatively large geometries.

InfiniteFocus Inline

The InfiniteFocus sensor uses the core components of the optical system to offer a very robust optical sensing unit. It is fitted with a strain resistant plug and drag chain, and suitable cable, to allow the easy adaptation of the sensor into a production environment. Due to the SmartFlash illumination technology vertical measurement speeds of up to 400µm per second, even over large measurement areas, can be reached. This leads to a significant increase of clock rates and makes the InfiniteFocus sensor an effective inline measurement system.

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