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Infinite Focus - Measurement Capabilities

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Profile Analysis

Profile measurement enables the virtual cutting of a specimen. The user defines a path on the optical color image and receives the corresponding 3D profile. Roughness and contour measurements conform to recognized international EN ISO standards. The profile analysis also allows the fitting of primitives such as circles, angles or others. Further, manual and semi automatic measurement possibilities are provided.

  • Profile extraction with different width
  • Filtering of the profile with selectable Lc value with ISO 4288 conformity information
  • Manual cursor measurement
  • Roughness and waviness parameter according to ISO 4287 and ISO 11562
  • Calculation of fourier spectrum of profiles and bearing ratio curve
  • Calculation of statistical parameters of profiles
  • Calculation of mean and standard deviation of profiles

Area Analysis

Area analysis provides comprehensive and significant measurements to classify the roughness of a surface. Also, analysis includes information about gradient and spectral distribution. The ROI (region of interest) is selected directly in the optical color image and measurements are yield fast, fully automatic and robustly. For the visual representation of the surface a grey scale or pseudo colored depth map can be used.

  • Analysis of height-distribution
  • Calculation of area material ratio
  • Measurement of spatial parameters with auto correlation function, fourier spectrum and miscellaneous parameters
  • Gradient distribution
  • Calculation of bearing ratio curve and bearing area curve
  • Calculation of fractal dimension
  • Filtering of profiles

Form Analysis

In addition to common surface analysis and characterization, InfiniteFocus also can also measure complex geometries of components. Alignment of references, and measurement of surface features such as angles, radii etc. are measurements that are achieved using InfiniteFocus. Also, even more complex surface features such as spheres can be measured and aligned. 

  • Automatic measurement of lines, parallel lines, height steps, double height steps and ISO 5435 conform height steps, angles, 2-line-angles, circles and normal distance
  • Measurement of roundness, evenness and alignment of spheres
  • Measurement of cylindrical form

Volume Analysis

Volume analysis calculates the volume of voids and protrusions. The measurement area is defined directly on the optical color image. The volume is determined throughout the computation of a soap film model. For the 3D-boundary of the selected area InfiniteFocus calculates a covering surface that behaves like a soap film.

  • Selectable area for volume measurement
  • Selectable reference surface (plane, minimum spanning surface, top and bottom cover)
  • Automatic calculation of reference plane from 3D points

2D Image Analysis

The 2D image analysis allows the performance of manual and semi automatic measurement of simple primitives. Also, the ability to write on the images as well as saving measurement results in a comprehensive and easy to use database is provided.

  • Manual measurement of lines, parallel lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, polygons, polylines, freehand, marker
  • Automatic measurement of lines, parallel lines, circles, arcs
  • Statistical calculation of results such as mean, standard deviation, minimum, maximum, median
  • Automatic search of equally shaped structures on the image

Automation via scripting

Periodic and complex measurement tasks can be automated fast and easily. The experienced user programs InfiniteFocus in a simple C++ syntax and can easily adopt the system to his specific needs. Resulting analysis modules can than be operated by semi skilled staff.
Automatic surface defects analysis is one example how scripting can be used. Depths and valleys as well as cracks, holes and other features are scanned, measured and quantified automatically.

  • Easy to perform and fast automation of measurement tasks via scripting
  • Simple programming by user or Alicona
  • Statistical evaluation of measurements
  • Comprehensive and user oriented help

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