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The precision behind the power: Starrett at Le Mans

The countdown to the 87th 24 hour Le Mans has begun. Roush Yates, designer of Ford’s EcoBoost racing engine will face the final test, and it’s our partner Starrett that they’ve relied upon for the exacting precision that keeps every Ford engine running.

“Starrett is proud to see our tools make the difference as Roush Yates Engines takes on Europe’s most prestigious race once again.”

The 24 hour Le Mans demands unrivalled endurance from driver and car - 70% of the lap time is spent on full throttle with speeds up to 190mph (306 km/h) down to 60mph. This puts enormous stress on the engine and drive train components so there is absolutely no room for error. Drawing on their design pedigree and demanding the highest quality and performance from their products, Starrett create a winning partnership with Roush Yates that delivers results. 

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