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Engineering placement at Optimax

A year in the life of an Intern at Optimax Imaging Inspection & Measurement Ltd

This year we had our first technical placement student, Dan, an engineering student from Oxford Brookes University. And we’re now looking for our next placement student.

At Optimax we are keen to encourage the development of the next generation of Engineers through practical placements with the company. Pete Clements, Managing Director said of the programme:

“Recruiting the best talent is an ongoing challenge for smaller SME’s in a competitive job market.  High technology sectors suffer particularly from a lack of people investment at the grassroots. Smaller SME’s have a critical role to play in encouraging young people into the sector and providing an insight into the fascinating world of dimensional metrology. From the company’s perspective, interns and gap year students bring fresh ideas and less conventional thought patterns to existing roles and processes, challenging accepted methods.  We love having fresh minds in the building, their energy and enthusiasm is contagious”

Dan has just finished a placement year of his 4-year BSc in Motor Sport Technology and has been with Optimax for a year. He has been reflecting on the last year and the benefits that the internship has brought him.

"My main priority was finding a placement where I could get an insight into the real workings of an engineering company. I wanted to learn from a smaller company with a good wealth of knowledge and experience in engineering to ensure that I got as much practical experience as possible.

Before joining Optimax I only had a brief understanding of the concepts of Metrology from University but in the last year I have gained a working understanding of a number of diverse companies’ due to the number of different industries Metrology covers. Essentially the last year has been an Engineering placement that has given me a broad range of engineering experience allowing me to fix problems and develop my practical skills. Being able to see the positive results of my work has had a really good impact on my attitude and motivation.

In the last year I have had the opportunity to attend exhibitions, install new equipment, calibrate existing equipment and learn about so many relevant engineering industries and companies. I am even planning to base my dissertation on Metrology now and have some good practical ideas about how to approach this"

If you would be interested in being our next placement student then contact us for further details about this opportunity and what's involved. By post to our office address or by email to

It is a paid post, open to applications from all university Engineering students looking to spend a year in industry to compliment their studies.

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