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Optical Shaft Measuring System


The MarShaft Scope 250 allows rapid, precision measurement of round and rotationally symmetrical parts.


CNC, Turned, Milled and Ground shafts can all be rapidly measured, overcoming traditional difficulties in measuring round parts.


It enables fast, precise and fully automatic measurement of rotationally symmetrical workpieces in production, cutting time invested in the measuring process and reducing waste.

Ideal for a range of engineeering applications, particularly those in the automotive and aerospace industries. 

MarShaft has a high precision roundness measuring axis (C) and a vertical measuring axis (Z) with a measuring range of 250 mm.


Built around a state-of-the-art, high-resolution CMOS matrix camera, it is able to capture images at a rate of over 120 images per second and provide a live image. It's impressive working speeds reduce measuring time, allowing you to work more efficiently, whilst the zoom functions allow greater precision, enabling you to measure even the smallest details, which conventional methods often fail to adequately assess.


All these features, are operated through Mahr's tried and tested MarWin Software platform, which makes it incredibly reliable and user-friendly.


  • Thread measurement add-on
  • MarWin Professional Shaft Software add-on

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