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CMO stereo zoom microscope for more critical applications

Vision SX80 / SX100 Stereo Microscope

CMO (common main objective) Stereo Zoom Microscopes

The SX80 and SX100 are high quality, common main objective microscopes suited to more precise and critical inspection applications. 

With exceptional optics, these modular configurations deliver superb image quality at a competitive price.

A wide range of options and accessories provides complete flexibility, so that we can provide you with a tailored package based on your individual needs.

Key Features
  • High optical quality CMO stereo microscopes
  • Precision optics deliver high resolution, flat field and high contrast images
  • Compatible with long working distances and large depth of field
  • SX80: x8-x64 standard magnification range
  • SX100: x8-x80 standard magnification range
  • Modular systems available for specific applications

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    • Image capture and archive with the option of a digital / video camera
    • Coarse and fine focus adjustment for precise focus control at higher magnifications
    • Double iris diaphram for greater depth of field through the zoom range
    • Floating stage
    • LED ringlight
    • Polarisation set
    Lens Mag Zoom
    Working distance
    SX80: ~ ~
    x0.5 x4-x32 130mm
    x1.0 standard x8-x64 78mm
    x2.0 maximum x32-x256 32.5mm
    SX100: ~ ~
    x0.5 x4-x40 130mm
    x1.0 standard x8-x80 78mm
    x2.0 maximum x32-x320 32.5mm
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    Place mouse over small image to change main image, or click small image for larger version.
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