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An advanced digital microscope in stunning full HD

Evo Cam II - Digital Microscope

High Performance Full-HD Digital Microscope

EVO Cam II digital microscope delivers excellent image quality to help uncover hidden details. Optical magnification up to 300x and full auto focus ensures ultra-sharp images at all times, EVO Cam II is optimised for quality control, testing, inspection and documentation.

Leading optical performance makes EVO Cam II a supremely powerful imaging solution with a range of objective lens options to ensure stunning results for any application. Exceptional simplicity minimises training requirement, making EVO Cam II a powerful and flexible tool, ideal for multiple users and production environments.

Available with a range of objective lenses, high quality stand options, illuminations and accessories including a 360 degree rotating viewer allowing it to be customised to your specific needs and application.

Key features


  • Ultra-sharp image quality with full auto-focus
  • Optical magnification range 1.7x -300x
  • Maximum magnification with digital zoom 3600x
  • Fast 60 fps provides clear images without motion blur
  • Unique 360° inspection without the need to manipulate subjects under magnification
  • Simplicity to view whole samples, or the smallest detail at the touch of a button
  • Large field of view and long working distances
  • Eliminate set-up time with up to 10 presets
  • Custom overlays to aid inspection
  • Wi-Fi and USB 3.0 for fast image transfer
  • Efficient dimensioning with virtual caliper and scalable grids
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications including inspection of electronics, automotive, precision engineering, medical devices and plastic parts.


    Now with extended functionality:

    NEW - Calibration tracking with zoom

    NEW - Customisable zoom range

    NEW - Image comparison

    NEW - Image playback

    NEW - Supervisor settings lock

    NEW - Focus stacking in camera

    Now also available with ViPlus software providing enhanced inspection, image capture, measurement & reporting software.

    Features include:

  • Measurement, annotation, analysis & reporting 
  • Focus stacking capability 
  • Overlays & measurement over a live image 
  • Image enhancement 
  • Auto shape detection 
  • Simple, straightforward software

    Download the brochure for full details on the ViPlus software

    Take a look at the EVO Cam II brochure for full details or Contact us, we are happy to help.

    Place mouse over small image to change main image, or click small image for larger version.
    Place mouse over small image to change main image, or click small image for larger version.
    Place mouse over small image to change main image, or click small image for larger version.
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