Sure, get excited about the DRV-Z1’s futuristic 3D tech, but the ROI is in the ergonomics

The DRV-Z1, recently released by Vision Engineering, demonstrates the transformative impact 3D technology can have on manufacturing. However, it is in its ergonomic design where the greatest return on investment will be seen.

Ergonomics is as inescapable a corporate buzz term as wellbeing or mindfulness – and they are all, in many ways, features of the same realisation. The more comfortable, happy and healthy your staff, the better their output and the higher your yield quality. Remember hunching over and straining your eyes through microscopes at school? The same features are seen on many legacy metrology and inspection devices, resulting in fatigue, absenteeism and long term occupational health issues. It’s these limitations that Vision Engineering have overcome by putting user-ergonomics at the heart of DRV-Z1’s innovative design.

‘Designing in comfort and freedom of movement to enhance operational efficiency and promote accuracy’ – Vision Engineering

Vision Engineering DRV-Z1 machine

Research into the positive impact of ergonomic investment for manufacturers has demonstrated dramatic results. Studying the affect of ergonomic improvements to circuit board manufacturing, Burri and Helander concluded that absenteeism decreased from ‘5 to 3 percent’, injury rates reduced and both yield and productivity was improved. They calculated that this led to a staggering ‘$1.7 million [approx. £1.3 million] saving for modification [ergonomic intervention] costs of $16,000 [ £12,555].’ (Vol 7: Issue 3)

Inspired by such research, Vision Engineering have introduced several ergonomic innovations with the DRV-Z1. The device is eyepieceless, allowing freedom of head movement to reduce back and neck strain and enabling you to keep your glasses on. The DRV-Z1 surpasses the VR headset in meeting the demands of manufacturers, with its natural view supporting precise hand-to-eye coordination. This is critical for reducing error rates in precision inspection and manipulation tasks, such as; rework, repair and dissection. Furthermore, as the user is not detached from the outside world, peripheral vision is maintained and the nausea felt with the VR headset is eliminated.

As we increasingly recognise the importance of team wellbeing in the role of productivity, it’s essential that our equipment does the same. Great work, Vision Engineering.

For more information on how the DRV-Z1 can meet your applications drop me a message or give us a call at 01858 436940.

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