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Competatively priced Inspection scope with tighter bend radius than similar products

Micro Modular fibrescopes

Micro Modular fibrescopes with single master control body focus integral lighting with interchangeable image shafts of 0.35-3.00mm in diameter and upto 3000mm in length

These high quality miniature modular fibrescopes are competatively priced with a huge range of diameters, lengths and viewing angles.Intergrated, white light transmission fibers, allow the highest level of illumination to be evenly spread accross the subject. Which on these small diameter scopes is essential.

The optical image is transmitted to the eyepiece, via a quartz bundle, of between 3 to 12,000 fibres, dependant upon the model and diameter. Each of these fibres is around 0.002mm in diameter allowing for a tighter bend radius than would usually be associated with similar products.

With a seperate master control body, the main head can be purchased and used with many different image shafts - keeping the cost of purchasing and ownership down. The scopes are mainly UK manufactured and fully rebuildable, and should damage occur to the image bundle, only the shaft need be replaced. These are designed for heavy duty, daily use, with minimal servicing.

Ideally suited for aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries this inspection equipment allows even the most challenging components to be inspected - robustly and regularly.



Key Features

  • Camera compatible 32mm standard solid eyecup
  • ACMI Light Posts with female adaptor for simple compatability with existing light sources and guides.
  • Most models have eyepiece focus from 5mm - infinity
  • Choice of fully flexible polymer or flexing stainless over insertion tube
  • Fluid proof - including oils and fuels
  • Eyepiece focus option on most models
  • Diameters 0.35-3mm
  • Lengths upto 3000mm
  • Widest range of vewing angles for all diameters and lengths
  • larger diameter can be metal braid or polymer dipped for rough service environments.

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  • Accessories

    • Orbital mirror tube option with 360' rotation
    • 0 and 90 degree viewing tips available with single scope body
    • Clip on mirror tips in 45,60,90 and 110 degree viewing angles avialable
    • Female ACMI adapter - included Fitted case - included
    • Optional semi rigid section, or pencil probe
    • Optional stainless steel semi rigid overtube
    • Optional mirror tubes
    • Light guides - all fitting variants
    • Halogen light sources
    • Halide light sources
    • Battery handle light sources
    • Camera adapters
    • Digital and video cameras
    • Digital image cature
    • Fixed handle micro Quartz semi and fully flexible options available
    Field of view Resolution Diameter Length DoV Rotation Artic
    70 deg 3000k Quartz 0.35mm 150,250,500mm 0 deg No No
    50-70 deg 3000k Quartz 0.75mm 500-3000mm in 500mm step 0 deg No No
    50-70 deg 6000k Quartz 1.00mm 500-3000mm in 500mm step 0/90 deg No No
    50-70 deg 6-10k Quartz 1.50mm 500-3000mm in 500mm step 0/90 deg No No
    50-70 deg 10000k Quartz 2.00mm 500-3000mm in 500mm step 0/90 deg No No
    50-70 deg 10000k Quartz 3.00mm 500-3000mm in 500mm step 0/90 deg No No
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    Place mouse over small image to change main image, or click small image for larger version.
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