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Stand out metrology solution for turned part manufacturers

To measure outside features of symmetrical cylinders, manufacturers of turned parts have relied on profile projectors and coordinate measurement machines. However, the market has been transformed by Mahr Metrology’s complete, automated solution that enables the precise and efficient measurement of even non-symmetrical parts.

The MarShaft SCOPE is an excellent value, compact shaft measuring machine, designed to meet the challenges of measuring cylindrical parts. With its innovative, telecentric lens rounded edges appear flat and precise measurement of diameters, lengths, contour features, form and position tolerances can be taken. Turned parts are easily mounted and can be rotated and viewed dynamically. This gives greater access for measurement of flats, keyway positions, through hole and slot rotational positions.

The SCOPE’s MarWin software provides an intelligent, automated solution - rotating the part until a drilled hole is seen, stopping the machine and taking the measurement. This intuitive programming allows for use by shop-floor staff and multiple users. Easy to read, detailed reporting then displays on the touch screen, allowing for rapid feedback into the manufacturing process and the reduction of waste.

The MarShaft SCOPE transforms the production process with it’s extremely high image acquisition rates of over 120 images per second. Standing apart from conventional measuring solutions with its new, state-of-the-art, high resolution CMOS matrix camera. The device has continuous, live action image capture and an image field of 40mm x 24mm. This allows the entire diameter to be seen in a single view. The zoom function further ensures precise measurement of even the smallest details – far surpassing the precision of conventional measuring methods.

For manufacturers of turned parts at high or low volume, the MarShaft SCOPE offers an excellent return on investment. To learn more about how the MarShaft range can meet your production requirements, please contact our expert team today at 01858 436940.


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