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Alicona Optical Micro CMM

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The Micro CMM from Bruker Alicona - a transformative innovation for production

Working with cutting edge technology every day, it’s easy to feel that some sort of incomprehensible magic is going on – I mean how many of us actually know how our smart phones work? While a bold future-facing vision is essential, at its heart, transformative innovation is just problem solving. This is clear with the pioneering µCMM from Bruker Alicona, which answers the limitations of legacy metrology machines.

So far, many production processes use multiple metrology devices in tandem to acquire a complete measurement of machined parts. As with all the Bruker Alicona range, the µCMM overcomes the inefficiencies of this method by enabling the fully automatic measurement of position, dimension, form and roughness.

‘The first purely optical CMM that enables the measurement of dimension, position, shape and roughness of smallest tolerances contact-free and with only one sensor.’ (Engineering Subcontractor)

The µCMM sets a benchmark for accuracy, versatility and capacity. With its leading SmartFlash 2.0 technology, the µCMM is able to meet the measurement requirements of precision parts that are increasingly smooth and reflective. The µCMM can measure tight tolerance features, even of flat surfaces, in single-digit µm.

To meeting the breadth of applications in the production line, thedevice accurately measures all common industrial materials and composites with drastically different reflection properties, including, plastic, PCD, CFRP, ceramic, chrome and silicon. Each feature is carefully designed to meet this required versatility. By extending the system from 3 to 5 axis system, the µCMM can measure flank angle, lead angle, thread pitch and undercutting on components. With its newly patented ‘Vertical Focus Probing Technology,’ the µCMM can even uniquely measure vertical walls with a slope of + 90°.

“The new CMM is the most accurate purely optical micro-coordinate measuring machine in its class.”

An automated and robust machine, with rapid measurement capacity, the µCMM is carefully engineered for permanent use in the production process. Measurement time is significantly reduced, when compared “like for like” in terms of point density, against existing technologies. Measurement of discrete patches of high density data and a drastic increase in travel speed on the X Y Z axis, makes the µCMM significantly quicker that existing Infinite Focus products. Efficiency is often compromised by hard to use controls – a difficulty recognised and overcome by Bruker Alicona. The µCMM has intuitive, ergonomic features that draw on popularly used technology such as game controllers and smart phones. 

In short, the µCMM is engineered to revolutionise production process and is testament to an engineering strategy that puts the problem first. It’s true, textbook innovation.

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