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Evo Cam II - Digital Microscope

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Challenging the bias against digital microscopy

The past 10 years have seen enormous technological advances in digital (formally video) microscopy. Rapid innovative improvements in depth of focus, field of view and 3D technology have positioned digital microscopes competitively against traditional optical solutions. Digital microscopes now offer high repeatability and superior ergonomic features. Even so, many manufacturers hold onto biases based on the limitations of legacy machines.

Optical microscopes have often been favoured for superior clarity and depth of focus. Digital microscopes, however; now comfortably meet the inspection quality requirements of most manufacturers. Top of the range digital microscopes have high contrast and high resolution precision lenses, and give high definition output images. They also offer a greater range of magnification options. Limitations in depth of field have also been overcome by the Evo Cam’s ‘focus stacking’ technology. Multiple frames are layered to create a composite image, enhancing depth of field at high focus.

Digital microscopes are well suited for manufacturers looking to reduce cycle times. Designed for high volume, repeatable measurements, f­­ull-HD images can be easily captured and exported to a USB stick. Productivity is further improved through their ergonomic design and superior health and safety features. Studies have consistently revealed that good ergonomics improves accuracy, productivity, quality and employee engagement. Eyepiece-less digital microscopes are designed to reduce eye-strain, fatigue and back pain and allow for the wearing of prescription eye glasses. Furthermore, a shared monitor supports productive collaboration between colleagues.

For heavy manipulation tasks, optical microscopes are often favoured, with the stereoscopic view creating a greater feeling of connectedness between user and specimen. For many precision tasks however, a digital microscope can be the most appropriate option, offering a larger field of view at the same magnification. This gives a higher working area for precision tasks. The preference for a 3D image has long limited the digital microscopy market. While faster refresh rates have secured real time image display, it’s Vision Engineering’s DRV-Z1, with its futuristic 3D TriTeq technology, that closes this gap entirely. The TriTeq technology provides each eye with separate information, thereby giving a natural 3D view, with full high definition (FHD) resolution and excellent subject clarity. The transformative DRV-Z1 also enables global collaboration, with users able to share this full 3D image. Early adopters of this ground-breaking technology will no doubt experience a transformative impact on their production process.

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