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Alicona Optical Micro CMM

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Your invitation to join the Alicona Control tradeshow highlights webinar, showcasing the latest technological developments

uCMM - Vertical Focus Probing allows surface measurement of slopes steeper than 90'

MetMaX - new operator software with the ability to program from a CAD model

Infinite Focus G5 - new updated model with higher accuracy and vertical probing


No ticket required, simply register using the link below and join us at 9am on Thursday 23rd April 2020.

Haven't time to attend? Sign up and a recording will be sent to you after the event.  


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At Optimax, we are on hand, to discuss any aspect of the Alicona product family. Why not call us for a virtual demonstration of the SL or G5 from our showroom directly to your desk top.

For measuring surface roughness and characterisation, the Alicona surface testers lead the field, providing complete 3D surface analysis, in true colour, with superb resolution.

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