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Systems for safer, connected working from Vision Engineering

Safety and connected working - get the most out of your Vision Engineering equipment 

Now, more than ever, the ability to keep working without impacting the safety of staff, suppliers or customers is vital for many

Features in the Vision Engineering equipment range can help, as the systems lend themselves to working safely: 

Eyepiece-less inspection systems enable operators to work more safely, as their eyes are not at risk of coming into direct contact with potentially infected eyepieces

Gloves can be worn when operating equipment without difficulty. This helps reduce the risk of spreading infection especially in a shared working environment

Safety glasses, visors or face shields can be worn in comfort with no loss of performance or field of view

Operators can maintain safe working practices without compromising what they can see


View our pdf for to learn about the benefits of working with: 


Evocam II

Lynx Evo with Smart Cam

Mantis Elite Cam HD



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