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Do you need a CMM machine to fit into a small space?

The Deltron from Vision Engineering is the solution. The Deltron CMM offers large capacity, with 200kg stage, within a tiny footprint of less than 750mm x 750mm. It is designed to be robust and accurate with minimal maintenance, even in uncontrolled environments.

Featuring state-of-the-art Delta configuration, you are guaranteed measurement accuracy and repeatability with intuitive yet powerful measurement software. Used standalone, or integrated into a manufacturing cell, you will be able to start measuring products with less than a day of training.

Key Features 

- Five built-in temperature sensors to maintain accuracy even when ambient temperature is not controlled

- Bearings are fully sealed for dirt immunity in any environment, no compressed air requirement and smooth, fast operation

- Super-smooth belt-drives enable long styli use without false triggering

- Accurate and rapid measurement output with high 750mm/sec² acceleration and 0.1μm scale resolution

- Further cut programming time by programming directly from solid model

- Manufacturing cell integration available, including robot load and unload

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