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A new feature on the Alicona G5+ - Vertical Focus Probing Explained

Vertical Focus Probing on the new Alicona G5+:


1. Fast and contactless optical measurement of steep flanks 

2. No need to articulate the sample to measure


The new Alicona G5+ with Focus-Variation technology 


- Increased scan speeds

- High Accuracy, larger XY stage at 200 x 200mm

- New x 4 Objective with larger field of view

- Purely optical, non-contact vertical focus probing

What is Vertical Probing?


Fast contactless measurement of surfaces with a slope of more than 90 Degrees

Geometries such as bore holes of injection valves in the automotive industry have been traditionally difficult to measure optically. Usually limited to tactile measuring systems, CT or complex customised solutions. Vertical Focus Probing changes this and makes possible optical probing and measurement of the entire surface of components as standard



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