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NEW - Swift PRO from Vision Engineering

  • Integrated Z axis encoder for accurate height and depth measurement
  • Integrated software driven lighting control
  • Segmented LED ring light for better surface illumination and edge detection

  • …just a few of the many advantages brought to you from the new Swift PRO from Vision Engineering. The versatile design allows ease of use, and advanced measurement technologies mean it can be applied to a broad range of applications.

    The Swift PRO is based on the best-selling Kestrel and Swift stands but with an enhanced design for ergonomic optical measurement and video edge detection in one system.

    This new video and optical measuring system comes in three variations; Swift PRO Duo, Swift PRO Cam and Swift PRO Elite.

    Call now for a no obligation onsite demonstration, save time and improve accuracy when measuring your components and inspect them for visual defect at the same time.

    Key features of the Swift PRO variants:

    Swift PRO cam

    - HD Fast refresh Camera - 200mm x 100mm measurement capacity - Fast and accurate measurements with Video Edge Detection - Small footprint - Ideal upgrade for a profile projector or other measurement System

    Swift PRO Duo

    - Video and optical measuring system - Combines video edge detection with eyepiece-less Optical viewing technology - Robust, ergonomic and compact - No need for pre-programming for accurate measurements in seconds

    Swift PRO elite

    - An optical measuring microscope without the inconvenience of eyepieces - Ideal for viewing difficult to measure black, transparent and highly reflective subjects - Available with PC Software or simple digital readout - Ideal upgrade from a toolmakers microscope of projector


    For more information read the swift PRO family brochure or feel free to contact us

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