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Evo Cam II - Digital Microscope

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Ensure parts exceed customer expectations

It is crucial precision manufactured parts pass ‘goods in’ quality inspection tests first time. Accurate visual inspection and identification of surface defects in production, ensures that your customers have a reduced time to build, with none of your parts being rejected on arrival and holding up the process.

Precision Technologies is a company that knows all about this. They are a well respected precision engineering company who have recently won the Motorsport Industry Association Business of the Year Award (sales under £5 million). They specialise in the manufacture of gears and splines being supplied into the motorsport industry, specifically F1. Significant expansion over the last few years has seen them invest in additional inspection technology to ensure that the parts they manufacture pass quality inspection first time.

F1 is a challenging environment when 1/100th of a second can make the difference between a car winning and losing a race. Performance of safety critical components are ‘stress tested’ using advanced software techniques, highlighting any areas for inspection. The  visual auditing requirements for F1 have also increased significantly over the last few years and all suppliers now need to comply with the more stringent regulations. It was therefore crucial that Precision Technologies had the equipment to perform a thorough quality inspection prior despatch.

They use the EVO Cam II Digital Microscope at a 50x magnification on the gears and splines looking for any scratches on the surface that are not visible to the naked eye. The system offers ultra sharp HD image quality and the increased frames per second ensure that there is no motion blur. If they do find any defects then they have opted for the measuring software on the EVO Cam II which allows them to measure the defects, log them and investigate why they have happened to ensure that this does not happen again in the future.

The main reason for specifically purchasing the EVO Cam II unit was driven by their customers who have a number of the units already to inspect the goods when they arrive. Precision Technologies have therefore opted to use the same equipment when checking the parts for a final inspection before despatch. Precision Technologies have used the EVO Cam unit for a number of years and due to recent growth have invested in additional units to keep up with inspection demand and avoid bottlenecks. This gives their customers peace of mind that the same equipment is being used ensuring that the parts will pass their inspection and so the time to build is reduced for them.

The ease of use of the system is also key for both Precision Technologies and their customers – minimal training on the system is required and then it is ready to plug and play.

Lee Wardall, Operations Director comments ‘We are very happy with the EVO Cam II systems that we are using for our quality inspection. Not only is it a quality piece of equipment but the fact that our customers are also using this same equipment to inspect the goods when they arrive means that we are confident that the goods we supply have been inspected to the highest standard, won’t be rejected and will increase our customers time to build. Happy customers are repeat customers’

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