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Next stage up from the BM6 with a higher level of optical competence.


Trinocular Head Biological Microscope

The next step up from the BM6, this biological microscope adds a higher level of optical competence and the all important trinocular head gives excellent digital images.

This Trinocular Head Microscope has everything you would expect to find on a scientific research grade microscope, for a considerably lower price. As such the BM15T represents outstanding value for money and is suitable for the viewing of almost all slide mounted specimens.

A popular analysis tool for research, recommended for universities, colleges and schools. 

Key Features

  • 10x or 16x wide field eyepieces
  • Choice of Achromatic or Plan Achromatic objectives X4-X100
  • Focus control with course and fine adjust, includes adjustable tension focus limit stop
  • Mechanical stage size: 135mm x 135mm
  • Height adjustable Abbe condenser, NA=1.25
  • Adjustable brightness illumination with 6V 20W halogen lamp

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  • Accessories

    • C mount digital camera adapter 
    • Wide range of digital cameras 
    • Darkfield condenser dry or immersion Battery power LED for field use
    • Choice of monocular, binocular and trinocular heads
    Lens Mag Field of view
    x4 18 or 20mm
    x10 18 or 20mm
    x40 18 or 20mm
    x100 18 or 20mm
    case-studies and applications case-studies and applications
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